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Magnum Veterinary is a multinational animal-health and pet products wholesaler providing extensive range of goods and services to the Baltic veterinary markets and accompanying pet industries. To meet both customers and suppliers, we have full operations present in all the countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. With some limitations we are also active in Belarus. We belong to the MM Group.

We employ a dedicated sales force across the countries, who are supported by our customer support centers and electronical sales channels. We focus on knowledge-based customer service. To succeed on that, we work deeply and on a daily basis together with our suppliers. Ensuring on-time knowledge about the local market needs will help us to grow together.

To meet constantly increasing needs of pet owners, we are developing a retail chain of pet shops and related services across the Baltics. Since 2015 we have opened more than 20 new PetCity centers offering clients not only pet stores and veterinary pharmacies but also pet grooming service, veterinary clinic, pet hotels and dog training classes. 

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With no doubt we can say that our employees are our biggest asset!

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Our team consists of many exceptional people who are professionals in their field of responsibility. Our management team makes all the efforts to ensure that our customers and suppliers expectations are met on a country basis. Please feel free to contact them depending on your question:

Jaak Raie
CEO Baltics and
Maris Pavilsons
CEO Latvia
Lina Skinke
CEO Lithuania
Triin Muld
Head of Sales and Marketing Estonia
Indra Grosmane
Head of Sales Latvija

Inguna Bremane
Marketing and Communications Latvija
Sigrid Aasmäe
Head of Purchasing and Regulatory Estonia
Daiva Milinskiene
Head of Purchasing and Logistics Lithuania

Aleksandra Petrova
Head of Regulatory Latvia
Rita Vigeliene
Head of Regulatory Lithuania

Magnum Veterinaaria AS

Laagri Ärimaja, Vae 16
Laagri, 76401 Harjumaa

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Tel. +372 650 1920
Fax +372 650 1996